Sheet metal working

Laser cutting, max. sheet sizes:

  • FE: 3000x1500x20 mm
  • RST: 3000x1500x10 mm
  • AL: 3000x1500x8.0 mm

Sheet metal fabrication machining, max. size:

  • 3000x1500x3.0


  • Max. bending length 3200mm / 130 tn

Sheet metal working

  • laser cutting, max d=20
  • sheet metal fabrication machining
  • bending; pressing
  • MIG welding; spot welding

Specialist competence

  • all our laser and fabrication machines include automatic unit and sheet handling
  • robotic MIG welding stations
  • 100 tn press with drum alignment and feeding mechanisms


  • Solid Works
  • AutoCAD

Additional features

  • customer-oriented design
  • prototype and 0-series production
  • production tool and sample batch manufacture
  • reliable production deliveries